Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chinatown Photo Diary

You would think that being in Singapore, where the majority of the population is Chinese, that there wouldn't be a Chinatown. But like any other city, there's a Chinatown. We spent the day browsing the many stands that lined the streets and taking in the scent of delicious food. I got around to buying a few gifts for my friends back home (who wouldn't want a silky kimono straight from Asia?)

We ate yummy Malay food with my aunt and uncle. I don't think I've ever found the name "Fish head" more appetizing than I did today. I swear that I will be returning home a bit heavier...

We even went to a fish spa. In case you're wondering what in the world that is - you pay about $20 to put your feet into a small tub of water full of small fish that feed on dead skin. It's a great way to exfoliate and with the amount of walking I've done in the past few days (not to mention the amount I walk at home) It really did wonders. If you ever have to opportunity to do it - DO IT! My feet have never felt softer. I would do it every week if I could!

Rocking my usual voile and lace trapeze slip

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shop Wonderland

If there is one thing that I was not expecting to find in Singapore, its coffee shops. Sarah and I stumbled upon Shop Wonderland while we were shopping yesterday. The place was so adorable and picturesque that I couldn't help myself from snapping a few photos as we munched on green tea banana cake and sipped on ice coffee and (cold) iced tea. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Arab Street

Today, Sarah brought me to a few different places. We started on Bugis Street for some classically cheap and touristy shopping. I promised that I would bring Mikaela back a Merlion…so of course I had to keep my promise. Since arriving, I found myself longing for my beloved dragon fruit. As we were about to leave Bugis, we came across a stand selling fresh fruit juice and of course dragon fruit happened to be one of the choices. 

We then ventured over to Arab Street for a look at some of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen. Of course me being me, I want a little cray on the harem pants…but whatever. They certainly don't make them like that in the States. 

We turned onto Haji Lane for some "Indie" shopping. At the beginning of the street was a restaurant with a brightly painted wall. Sarah told me that taking a selfie with this wall is a right of passage for a Singaporean teenager. Naturally, we stopped for a photo op - peace signs optional. 

We stopped a relaxed for a while at a little cafe on Haji Lane. The spot was so adorable that I'm saving the photos for its own individual post. Stay tuned. 

I did pretty well shopping-wise. Sarah and I stopped for some dinner in a little Middle Eastern place on Arab Street. I couldn't get enough of the bright decor. The food was good too.

What an adventure.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello Singapore!

Hello Singapore!

I am finally here! I arrived here on Friday afternoon and I must say, that I have never had such a hard time dealing with jet lag in my life! It's steadily getting better though. I just can't wait to be able to sleep through the night!

Yesterday we went out for Sunday branch at a little place along the Singapore River called Toby's Estate. I was finally able to bring my camera and go crazy taking photos just like old times.

The food was amazing and the company even better. It has been nearly sixteen years since I have seen my family here in Singapore. The last time I saw them was when I came here with my Mom when I was six years old. Needless to say, a visit has been long overdue. I expect to spend the next 3 weeks exploring and getting to know my family.

I cannot wait to capture more of the adventures I will be having here in Singapore!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Love Birds

Happy (almost) anniversary to these two! If there's is one couple that makes me want to "throw up they're so cute" it's these two.

I am writing this from Singapore, where it is currently 6:00 in the morning. Hello jet lag. I would have posted these photos earlier, had it not have been for my 7-hour layover in Dubai - my blogger dashboard was all in Arabic and I had no idea how to post. I at least got around to editing all of these gems.

Happy anniversary, guys, I love you both dearly.