Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer of Growth

It's that time of year again - back to school. I can't believe that summer is over already. Looking back on this summer, I would have to say that I have grown a lot. I turned 21, finally made it over to Singapore to see my family, and I got a promotion. I'd say that that is a lot for just 4 months. I suppose that most of the exciting things happened towards the end, but they still made this summer a memorable one. Tomorrow Jacky and I move into our apartment in Allston, beginning a new chapter. I hope that this chapter will be just as exciting.

Of course, with everyone going back to school we had to throw our annual goodbye party! Although none of us are really going too far - Jacky and I in Boston, Lexii and Trent still in the borough, and John up at UNH - we can't really say that we won't see each other. It's really our good friend, Peter (who has been in Ohio all summer) who will be missing the most. 

With all of the changes happening in my life, its good to know that these people will always be a constant. I love them to death.

 Peace out, summer! Cya next year!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Floral On Floral

First off, so sorry for my complete lack of posts these past few days. Since landing back in the U.S. my schedule has been ridiculous. As soon as I touched down in the States I received a promotion at work (yay-yay-yay!) So this means that it may be difficult for me to set aside time for this blog at least for a few weeks. But not to worry, I won't allow myself to neglect this blog for as long as I did before.

That is NOT an option.

I knew that the second I returned to work at Free People, that there would be SO many things I would want to buy. I was correct (Pace yourself, Alex) I did allow myself to buy this amazing tunic. It is EVERYTHING that I look for in a piece of clothing - it's flawy, short, and printed. The colors are perfect for transitioning into fall. I can wear it now with sandals and ankle boots and later in the fall/winter with tights and tall socks. All-in-all the best possible thing for me to buy when I got home.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kaftans Though...

(Kaftan from Singapore, thrifted bag, Free People clogs, rings thrifted and from Free People and H&M)

I found this kaftan in small shop in Holland Village back in Singapore. I think this is my favorite item of clothing that I bought while I was there. What I love about this piece is that it can be worn long and loose (which is preferable) or it can be belted and worn shorter. The silhouette is comfy and simple, which is essentially what I go for when it comes to summer dressing. Of course I chose to dress it up with some chunky clogs and lots of jewelry. 

Photos by Lexii

Monday, August 11, 2014

Jet lag

I have never slept so much in my life. I arrived in Boston around 6:00 on Friday night and had just about the best night's sleep of my life. After a 22-hour trip home, I was pretty ready to hit the hay. Typically, to get over jet lag, I tend to try to stick to my usual sleep schedule as best as possible. I was so exhausted yesterday, I couldn't stay awake for the entire day. I spent the better part of Saturday napping on the couch with Netflix. 

I really only had the energy to make myself a yummy spinach and mushroom burrito and kale-banana smoothie. Noms. After all of the rice and noodles and meat I had over in Singapore, some simple, healthy is just what I needed.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Romping Around

(Forever 21 romper, Urban Outfitters bag, Converse sneakers, Free People coin necklace, bracelets and rings from everywhere)

I had my cousin, Sarah, take these photos of me after our trip to the Aquarium the other day. Just in case you were wondering how I managed an OOTD post while flying through time and space. I figured I'd queue up a post to keep my blog occupied while I'm in transit.


I have been looking for a cute little romper like this EVERYWHERE! But me being me, I tend to be very picky. I have accumulated so many pieces of clothing over the years that I now I have to very selective (even more so than I already was) about what I choose to spend my money on.

What I love about this romper is how easy it is. When it's hot and humid (especially in Singapore) the last thing I feel like doing is tugging and adjusting all day. Throw in an armful of colorful bangles, a bunch of rings, and a giant coin necklace and I'm good to go.

Photos by Sarah