Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crystals & Candles

Here's a little peek at my little window shrine. 

This weekend was wonderful - the perfect balance of work and fun. I'm hoping that my weekends will always be like this. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


In Christianity, Judaism, and many other religions, a sanctuary refers a space within a place of worship that is sacred or holy. In this place, one is thought to be closest to god. For me, sanctuary means a place where I can just be; a place where my soul can thrive; where I can be closest to the things that mean the most to me. 

Here is a little peek at my sanctuary.

The quality of light is just amazing in this place. In the morning and throughout the day our rooms are drenched with light. It makes waking up a little easier in the morning. 

It is about day 10 of apartment life and Jacky and I have been adjusting quite well - we're becoming comfortable with our new commutes, who takes a shower when, typical roomie stuff. It feels great to have a space to call our own.

Y'all should come by for a visit…as soon as we get a kitchen table.

Shoutout to Lexii Morton for painting my bureau for me :)

More to come!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It feels good to have a day to just breathe. I feel that I write this often on this blog, because the days that I actually have time to sit and blog are those breathing days. 

On Monday I packed up my life and moved it to Allston. I have been looking forward to this move for MONTHS. Jacky and I found this adorable little place in Allston back in February and on September 1 we were finally able to move in! This space is great - small living area, but huge bedrooms, and lots of light. If there is one thing my room in Winthrop and my apartment have in common, its the amazing windows.

I have had a bit of a gypsy summer. I was always flitting from one home to the other - from my grandmother's house to my dad's or to my aunt's. It feels good to know that I won't have to do that anymore. Everything I need will be right here…as soon as I go home and get the rest of my stuff…

Until then, here's a little taste.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer of Growth

It's that time of year again - back to school. I can't believe that summer is over already. Looking back on this summer, I would have to say that I have grown a lot. I turned 21, finally made it over to Singapore to see my family, and I got a promotion. I'd say that that is a lot for just 4 months. I suppose that most of the exciting things happened towards the end, but they still made this summer a memorable one. Tomorrow Jacky and I move into our apartment in Allston, beginning a new chapter. I hope that this chapter will be just as exciting.

Of course, with everyone going back to school we had to throw our annual goodbye party! Although none of us are really going too far - Jacky and I in Boston, Lexii and Trent still in the borough, and John up at UNH - we can't really say that we won't see each other. It's really our good friend, Peter (who has been in Ohio all summer) who will be missing the most. 

With all of the changes happening in my life, its good to know that these people will always be a constant. I love them to death.

 Peace out, summer! Cya next year!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Floral On Floral

First off, so sorry for my complete lack of posts these past few days. Since landing back in the U.S. my schedule has been ridiculous. As soon as I touched down in the States I received a promotion at work (yay-yay-yay!) So this means that it may be difficult for me to set aside time for this blog at least for a few weeks. But not to worry, I won't allow myself to neglect this blog for as long as I did before.

That is NOT an option.

I knew that the second I returned to work at Free People, that there would be SO many things I would want to buy. I was correct (Pace yourself, Alex) I did allow myself to buy this amazing tunic. It is EVERYTHING that I look for in a piece of clothing - it's flawy, short, and printed. The colors are perfect for transitioning into fall. I can wear it now with sandals and ankle boots and later in the fall/winter with tights and tall socks. All-in-all the best possible thing for me to buy when I got home.