Sunday, January 22, 2017

Portland, Maine

This weekend, Lexii and I drove up to Portland, ME for the day to check out some of the amazing vintage shops. The drive up wasn't so bad - just a measly 2 hours north.

We grabbed 2 dirty chai and hit the road around 10am. We got to Portland around 12:30, just as the Portland Women's March was dispersing. So we got to some nasty woman power in the streets to welcome us in - complete with a Trump clown.

After taking this in we headed to our first stop, the Portland Flea-For-All! It was liking walking in the Brimfield only it was indoors and the sun wasn't beating down on our backs. There were stations and stations of vintage furniture, knick-knacks, records and clothing. I was in heaven. I left with a vibrant scarf and my first Navajo style ring (believe it or not.)

We combed Congress Street for some more vintage gems, we stopped into a shop called Moody Lords were I found the ultimate teeny dreamcatcher and a couple cool pendants.

Next stop, Otto's Pizza. I had been to the locations around the Boston area, but not since my freshman year of college. Lex and I grabbed sparkling peach coolers and stuffed our faces with some thin crust margherita pizza.

Last but certainly not least we popped into a local coffee shop to try some of that famous portland java.

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