Monday, February 16, 2015

Reworked Picture Frame

Anyone else done with this crazy winter weather? There are only so many snow days you can have before it begins to get tedious. 

This is probably one of my favorite projects to do. I find painting very relaxing especially when done in small doses. It also requires less than 3 materials to do.

The materials for this little project are pretty simple. I recommend finding a picture frame with a flat, smooth surface. This will be easier to paint in comparison to a frame with grooves or ridges. I got my frame from a Goodwill for $.99!

1. Wooden picture frame
2. Thin paint brush
3. Craft paint

I typically begin a painting project by painting one solid shape to work off of. For this project I began with a diamond shape and went on to make a few chevrons.

Paint it however you want. It can be a pattern or not. I tend to fill in as I go, but my end-result is typically pretty visually balanced.

Depending on your paint, go over your lines again to be sure they are nice and defined.

Frame a meaningful photograph and place your finished product somewhere special.

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