Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY Holiday Teabag

If you're like me, then you enjoy the little things that give the holiday season its magic. I'm a sucker for anything small and handmade when it comes to gifts. So for those of you still in search for something cheap, small, and easy to make here is an idea for you!

Things you will need.

1 5x5 piece of fabric
1 gift tag
1 ball of cotton string
Some kind of ribbon/string
2 teaspoons of looseleaf tea*
1 deposable tea filter*

*I found these items at Teavana

1) Take the teabag and fill it with about 2 teaspoons of looseleaf tea. Feel free to fill it with more if you want to make a stronger batch. 

2) Fold the teabag in half and begin to sew it together. Start at the bottom corner.

3)Pull the needle and thread to about the half-way through the bag. Continue doing this until you reach the middle of the top of the bag.

4) Pull the needle through the tag.

5) Bring the needle back through the same hole it came through.

6) Continue to stitch the teabag until you have sewn every corner shut.

It should look something like this.

Now that you're finished with your teabag it's time to wrap it up!

7) Place the bag diagonally in the center of the square of fabric.

8) Take all four corners of the corner together around the tag of the teabag.

9) Tie the corners together with some kind of string.

And there you have it! A handmade teabag to share with your families and friends for the holidays!

If anyone has any questions about the tutorial please feel free to send me an email at!

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