Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rise & Graphic Design

My Sunday consisted of glue, Scotch magic tape, scissors, and lots and lots of iced coffee. With this week being my last week of classes, it's go time. This is my "Graphic Design Journal." The contents include some observations of various forms of graphic design, my design process, class notes, and my papers. While having all of this info in the same place is a great idea, putting it all together is a job in itself.

I woke up around 9:30 exhausted from the week and the weekend itself, I amped myself up with an iced coffee and a bagel and worked all day until Jacky came home and talked me into taking a walk. I then returned and continued my work until 7:00pm. 

I'm not even done yet.

While I thought that I would actually enjoy my graphic design class, I was sadly mistaken. While graphic design itself interests me a great deal, something about this class and I simply did not click. Regardless, I did learn a lot and will take those lesson with me.

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