Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Atlanta: Day 2

My second day in Hotlanta consisted of nerves, shopping, some great wine, cool people, and the most incredible grilled cheese EVER. 

I had my Home Office interview in the morning, then I hung out with some other girls that interviewed around the same time as me. It definitely was a great way to decompress after prepping for my interview. We got lunch at the hotel. I devoured a veggie burger and a big salad, having skipped breakfast out of nerves.  

After lunch we headed over to the Westend, where we visited the Free People at White Provisions. The store was adorable and so was the location, all white-washed walls and exposed brick (sigh.) A bridge connected the two sides of the complex, overlooking train tracks. If you're ever in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend checking out the Westside Provisions district. 

We stopped for smoothies at a cute little stand called Dtox and then grabbed an early dinner at Star Provisions. Our wine selection was based solely upon the fact that the label was cool. This proved an excellent way to do because the wine was amazing! I'm definitely a beer kinda girl, but this Saved Wine was light for a red and not too sweet. We managed to get through the whole bottle, chatting away like old friends. 

We said goodbye after dinner, all of us heading to separate parts of the country. But we it was more of a "see you soon" rather than a final goodbye.

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