Monday, October 12, 2015

Atlanta: Day 1

My first day in Atlanta was crazy! It started in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. I woke up to catch my 5 am flight and arrived in Georgia around 10 am. I didn't have anywhere to be until later in the evening so after checking into my hotel, I decided to spend the afternoon exploring the city. 

I took Atlanta like a local, traveling by Marta, Atlanta's public transport system. I wandered around uptown, stopping into to say hello to the girls at the Free People store there. I grabbed a latte at a coffeeshop before heading to the W Hotel for the Home Office Recruiting session.

We met in a very comfortable setting. In my experience, Free People girls really know how to create a relaxed atmosphere. 

After the session, a bunch of the other recruits and I decided to go out for dinner at an adorable spot in the Westend of Atlanta. We immediately connected bonding over the smallest things, like making an MPOS order or dealing with customers. The amazing thing about working for Free People is the great sense of community! 

I feel as if anywhere I go, wherever there are Free People girls, I'm home.

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