Sunday, August 25, 2013

Farewell to Summer

Today I bid farewell to my childhood home and returned to my home in the city! I said goodbye to the crowded flower beds and shady trees and welcomed in the sounds of sirens and the skyscrapers. 

I write this to you from my half unpacked dorm room (no photos yet because it looks like a disaster.) I am reflecting on this past summer. I made a to-do list right before the end of the school year; I completed some of these goals while others went forgotten.

1) Finish On the Road by Jack Kerouac.


2) Road to see Dakota (my freshman year roommate)


3) Maybe fall in love.

PIFF! Yeah right!

Yeah so those weren't such a success...

My little house plants taking a ride in the front seat!

These on the other hand were a success!

4) Craft my heart out!

5) Take photos.

6) Go to a flea market!

Sophie and I at the Brimfield Antique show.

7) Make $$$.

I worked  as a cart girl at Four Oaks Country Club. I learned a lot - not only how to properly open a bottle of wine, but also how to connect with customers. I also did quite a bit of free lance work as a photographer, taking senior portraits for incoming seniors as well as my first ever baby portrait session!

8) Concert weekend with Sophie!

My roommate, Sophie and I were reunited in Boston after about a month of not seeing each other. We had a blast, shopping and exploring by day and getting lost in the music by night.

Devendra Banhart playing at the Wilbur Theater.

XX performing at the Boston Pavilion.

While there were some goals/plans that I was unable to achieve, there were quite a few that I did do. I really think that that is all you can hope for - in the short-term as well as in the long-term. 

I am very excited to be back at Simmons College. I am so ready for the next few months of city-living. Walks to Newbury Street, hanging out on the quad on residence campus, and especially spending time with all of the friends that I have made in the past year.

It is crazy to think of where I was a year ago.

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