Thursday, August 15, 2013


A little over a year ago, I turned to my good friend, John, and asked "Do you think we'll still be friends after high school?" He looked at me and laughed, "Of course!" 

Around this time last year, the 6 of us were about to go our separate ways - off to college. For the first time in four years, we would have to readjust to a completely new environment. We would no longer see each other every day like we had in high school. We were all a bit nervous, but still very anxious and excited to begin the next chapter in our lives. Now a year later, we are gearing up to leave home again. All with a bit more knowledge and direction than we had last year. 

Still it is a bittersweet occasion. We have all been home for a little over three months, we all have fallen into our little routines; some of them may somewhat resemble the ones we had when we were still in high - living at home and seeing the same people. 

It is sobering to know, that we can come home and see each other again. 

We all got together the other night for one last hurrah before we all start going off to college. We hung out by the pool at Jacky's, ate pizza, roasted marshmallows, and reminisced about the days gone by.

I know that we will all see each other again. With the summer sun shinning in our eyes, the heat on our skin, and our laughter punctuating the air.

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