Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jamaica Plain Music Festival

Strawberry-thyme lemonade
While a good amount of the Boston population was gearing up for a day in City Hall Square for Boston Calling, I was headed in the opposite direction, to Jamaica Plain. 

I wasn't sure what to expect when my roommate invited me to the Jamaica Plain Music Festival to see her boyfriend, Jesse play. I had never been to Jamaica Plain, despite my proximity to it and I also had never been to a music festival in this part of the state. When I finally arrived (after getting on the wrong 39 bus) I found that the festival was set in a nice grassy field just off of South Huntington. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of concrete. As soon as I found my group (a pack of Simmons College students) I kicked off my sandals and squished my toes in the soft ground accompanied by some strawberry-thyme lemonade.

The highlight of the festival (at least for me) was when the Nickel and Dime Band took the stage clad in an array of outrageous dresses - some even complete with jewelry. Their attire was not to distract though. Musically their was well-done and certainly got most of the crowd up from their seats. I found myself smiling as the band's lead singer, Rick Berlin, sang the lines "like a little girl," as a group of little girls hula hooped at the base of the stage. I enjoyed the show and I look forward to attending more of performances by the Nickel and Dime Band.

Some sweet dreads on this little girl. Too cute!
An awesome festival look that caught my eye.

Sophie and I and our RA from last year, Zenaida.

Sophie and I with our neighbor Dee.

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