Tuesday, September 3, 2013


On Sophie: reworked tank and shorts, thrifted belt, Calvin Klein button-down, American Eagle sandals, Minnetonka leather hat, thrifted belt, thrifted stone necklace, pendant necklace from Forever 21.
My roommate finally moved in yesterday! This is Sophie she and I lived on the same floor last year. We got pretty close last year and decided to become roommates this year! It felt so awesome to come into our room and see that another person is living there too! I'm excited for the two of us to finish decorating our room!

I had the morning off from my orientation leader duties so the two of us made our first roomie trip to Newbury St. We spent the morning going in and out of a few of our favorite shops, finally pausing to take some photos in the Victory Gardens. I can't wait for more roomie adventures!

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