Monday, September 23, 2013

Japanese and Thrifting

This week was a bit hectic. I was piled with homework and I was also scheduled a lot at my job at Free People. So in short - I basically worked all week. Even when this weekend rolled around I still had quite a bit of school work to do as well as a couple of hours at work. 

I was able to take some time out of my busy schedule to have a little bit of fun with a couple of friends. We started out at the Garment District. If you're not from around the Boston area the Garment District is pretty much a cross between a thrift shop and a costume shop. There is also a "by-the-pound" section where you can sift through piles (literally piles) of clothing in search of some good finds. I had always been a little grossed out at the though of going through piles and piles of secondhand clothing that has been sitting on the floor for ages and ages, but yesterday I decided to grit my teeth and just do it. I can safely say that this paid off. I ended up finding quite a few good finds - mostly things that I hope to doctor once I find the time. No worries I'll post photos once I doctor them.

We left the Garment District and headed back into Boston for some Japanese food before I had to run off to work. We stopped at Mentei for some delicious japanese noodle soup and shrimp dumplings. With my mother being from Singapore (a small island city just off of the coast of Malaysia.) I have been eating food like this for as long as I can remember. One thing that my mom always said she missed about Singapore was the food. Since her passing last year, it has become a sort of comfort food (rather than burgers, fries, etc.) it is as if a little bit of her comes back to me, to comfort me and to tell me to slow down and just breathe. 


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