Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIY Spirit Stick

This DIY project is relatively simple in theory, but when execute it can take quite some time.

Stick painting can be fun because you can just go crazy with the design you want to paint. For this particular spirit stick, I decided to incorporate some color. I usually use a lot of white paint, but with spring in the air I thought it was time to switch things up a bit.

1. Stick (any size)
2. Acrylic paint
3. Different sized brushes. 

For this stick I decided to start off with some triangles. First a row of large pink ones and then a row of smaller green ones.

I painted a sequence of three lines of different widths to separate my main patterns just to tie everything together.

For the next pattern, I started with some green and yellow chevrons. Then I painted the knot of the branch with pink paint and filled in the holes with some white spots.

Remember, its a rarity to find a perfectly smooth stick. You're going to get a stick with knots and bumps. Embrace them. They'll make your finished product look unique.

Again, I used the three white lines to break it up. Then I moved on to paint a pattern of bright pink diamonds.

My next pattern started with yellow arrows and green accent dots. 

I painted two lines that included chevrons in their composition. Then I moved on to paint an eye in the next knot of the branch.

I typically don't like to paint the entire stick.

Once you're done you can put it wherever you like. Hang it on the wall or lean it up against something.

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