Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Free" Garland

My apartment is made up of white walls. While my walls have been steadily filling up, there just seemed to be one thing missing - color. I use a lot a natural materials in my decor which without saying includes a lot of neutral tones. So for this particular DIY project, I decided to add a little color.


1. Fabric - you can use one kind or multiple. I used two different kinds of fabric in this particular project. I also decided to recycle the fabric from my (million and one) Free People bags
2. Cardboard shapes - I drew the module by hand and then traced and cut them out (see how to do this in this previous tutorial)
3. Clothespins 
4. Twine - about a foot and 1/2 depending on how long your word is 
5. Black paint
6. Paintbrush
7. Glue

First, take one of your shapes and apply glue. Be sure to pay special attention to the sides of the shape.

Place the fabric over the cardboard leaving a little bit of room around it so make it easier for you to cut.

Turn the fabric over so you can see where you're cutting and cut around the shape...

Once you've cut out your shapes, you're ready to paint. I used dry watercolor paint so it took a few coats to get the letters dark enough.

Once you've finished painting your letters you're ready to make it into a garland. 

Take your twine and hang it from the wall. I just used push pins to suspend it from the wall. 

Final step - attach your finished shapes using the clothespins!

Free to be.

I hope you guys have been enjoying these DIY posts! It would be awesome to get some feedback from you guys! 

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