Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Harvard on a Sunday

My boyfriend and I spent our Sunday in Harvard Square. We rolled out of bed and were greeted by a beautiful crispy morning. I was finally able to pull out my tall boots and was able to throw on that extra layer. We had breakfast at Tory Row. I've been slowly easing myself back into eating solid foods so I got this amazing veggie frittata and some home fries. 

Following breakfast we meandered through Harvard's campus, pretending we were every bit as smart as those guys. We finally made it to one of my favorite spots in Cambridge, the Museum of Natural History. While I could do without the creepy bug exhibit, the mineral and glass flower exhibits never get boring. In fact when Andrew told me he wanted to go I said "They have an awesome rock collection!" He thought I was being sarcastic, but I was completely serious. 

Here's to good food, good company, and an awesome rock collection! Oh and to more Sundays like this one.

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