Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chocolate by the Bald Man

I went out for brunch (which actually turned into lunch because we ended up missing our 11:30 reservation) at Max Brenner's on Boylston Street this past Saturday. I had never been so Miya insisted on bringing me. Max Brenner's is famous for its chocolatey concoctions, but also for its amazing food. The food was great, served in a variety of different ways, but the dessert was our real reason for coming. I got a "Choctail" aka a chocolate and coconut-cream milkshake while Miya and Ben split a Euphoria sundae. My shake was served in the "Drink Me" cup an invention modeled after Alice and Wonderland. The sundae was brought out in an enormous beaker (reminicent of the Goblet of Fire) along with two small bowls of ganache. Surprisingly we were all able to almost finish our desserts. I came very close to drinking my entire milkshake and Ben and Miya made a pretty good dent in their yummy sundae. 

Post-chocolate, I was forced to hobble off to work with a MAJOR food baby.

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