Sunday, August 17, 2014

Floral On Floral

First off, so sorry for my complete lack of posts these past few days. Since landing back in the U.S. my schedule has been ridiculous. As soon as I touched down in the States I received a promotion at work (yay-yay-yay!) So this means that it may be difficult for me to set aside time for this blog at least for a few weeks. But not to worry, I won't allow myself to neglect this blog for as long as I did before.

That is NOT an option.

I knew that the second I returned to work at Free People, that there would be SO many things I would want to buy. I was correct (Pace yourself, Alex) I did allow myself to buy this amazing tunic. It is EVERYTHING that I look for in a piece of clothing - it's flawy, short, and printed. The colors are perfect for transitioning into fall. I can wear it now with sandals and ankle boots and later in the fall/winter with tights and tall socks. All-in-all the best possible thing for me to buy when I got home.

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