Thursday, August 7, 2014


As I sit here, writing this with my freshly packed suitcase nearly exploding beside me, I feel a little bit more whole. I have always been insanely close with my Dad's side of the family, mostly due to proximity. After my parents met and got married, my mom sort of lost contact with her family in Singapore. As a kid, I always used to wonder what it would be like to be close with my mom's side of the family. I guess you could say that my family life has always been a bit lopsided. After spending some time with my Singaporean family, I feel that the scales have balanced…at least a little bit. 

I feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with my family here, in Singapore. It is crazy to think that the last time anyone here saw me I was 6 (or as they like to say "up to here.") They have all been so good to me. I will never forget the people that I have met and gotten to know. I will take them all with me on my journey home. I hope to be back someday. Hopefully it won't take me another 15 years.

Before my trip, I had been feeling uninspired for quite sometime. My life was beginning to be school and work and not much else. There seemed little to photograph or to write about. A few years ago, when I started my 365 project, I forced myself to go out into the world, to do/see something worth photographing. When I get home I am challenging myself to do this again. 

Life is not about waiting around for something photo-worthy to waltz into your view, it's about doing something worth photographing.

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