Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer of Growth

It's that time of year again - back to school. I can't believe that summer is over already. Looking back on this summer, I would have to say that I have grown a lot. I turned 21, finally made it over to Singapore to see my family, and I got a promotion. I'd say that that is a lot for just 4 months. I suppose that most of the exciting things happened towards the end, but they still made this summer a memorable one. Tomorrow Jacky and I move into our apartment in Allston, beginning a new chapter. I hope that this chapter will be just as exciting.

Of course, with everyone going back to school we had to throw our annual goodbye party! Although none of us are really going too far - Jacky and I in Boston, Lexii and Trent still in the borough, and John up at UNH - we can't really say that we won't see each other. It's really our good friend, Peter (who has been in Ohio all summer) who will be missing the most. 

With all of the changes happening in my life, its good to know that these people will always be a constant. I love them to death.

 Peace out, summer! Cya next year!

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