Monday, July 21, 2014

Arab Street

Today, Sarah brought me to a few different places. We started on Bugis Street for some classically cheap and touristy shopping. I promised that I would bring Mikaela back a Merlion…so of course I had to keep my promise. Since arriving, I found myself longing for my beloved dragon fruit. As we were about to leave Bugis, we came across a stand selling fresh fruit juice and of course dragon fruit happened to be one of the choices. 

We then ventured over to Arab Street for a look at some of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen. Of course me being me, I want a little cray on the harem pants…but whatever. They certainly don't make them like that in the States. 

We turned onto Haji Lane for some "Indie" shopping. At the beginning of the street was a restaurant with a brightly painted wall. Sarah told me that taking a selfie with this wall is a right of passage for a Singaporean teenager. Naturally, we stopped for a photo op - peace signs optional. 

We stopped a relaxed for a while at a little cafe on Haji Lane. The spot was so adorable that I'm saving the photos for its own individual post. Stay tuned. 

I did pretty well shopping-wise. Sarah and I stopped for some dinner in a little Middle Eastern place on Arab Street. I couldn't get enough of the bright decor. The food was good too.

What an adventure.

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