Thursday, October 2, 2014

Technicolor Dream Coat

I am without a doubt a summertime person. I live for 90+ degree weather when the sun is shinning. Despite my love for hot days, I can't deny my relief when the days begin to cool down and I'm able to pull out my crazy sweater collection. When the weather gets cold, it's rare that you catch me without a big cozy mass of yarn on my body. 

I finally received this masterpiece in the mail the other day. Every year I try to limit the amount of sweaters I trickle into my closet. I mean how often are you going to wear all of them? As soon as I saw it in Free People's September catalogue, I knew that I just had to have it.

It is pieces like this that remind me why I fell in love with Free People in the first place. The cardigan itself is simple in its design, but the colors and yarns used are so unique! Also the material is so soft and cozy I almost fell asleep on my bus ride to class. Opps. 

Stay warm everyone! 

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